Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour
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sausalito waterfront treasure hunts - fun team building activity

ARRH!! There are hidden treasures everywhere along the Sausalito waterfront. This unique learn and play outdoor Team-Building activity encourages creativity and playfullness.


Guide Book offers Self-Guided Tour Option

Take your time and stroll at your leisure with the Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour guide book. Repleat with colorful photos, illustrations and maps.


Historic House Boat Tours - walking tours - teaser tours

2-HOUR HISTORIC HOUSEBOAT TOUR focuses exclusively on the Houseboat & Floating Home Communities.

3-HOUR CLASSIC SAUSALITO WOODEN BOAT TOUR offers a more extensive and varied experience.

Certificate of Excellence

"Fairytale people of legend and lore
live in the boats that sprinkle the shore..."

- Sausalito Sea Chanty

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